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On the occasion of winning the Central European round, Attila Menyhárt set out to translate his vision of the future of chocolate into desserts and patisserie items that will be available in KOLLÁZS – Brasserie & Bar from June 3, 2022. Locals and Hotel guests alike are invited to taste the artfully executed chocolate creations.

“Whether for dessert, snacks or bonbons, the shape of the cocoa bean was the central focal point. The dessert shows a cross-sectional view of the cocoa bean, that forms a flower shape. The snack is designed to convey the experience of cutting a real cocoa bean in half. And finally, the bonbon is a simple and clean shape, but simplicity is characteristic of all of them. The serving vessels are also linked to the cocoa bean and, therefore, fitting well with the artistic vision,” - describes Attila Menyhárt.


Vegan Alto el Sol Dark Chocolate Cremeux, Red Bell Pepper, Red Paprika, Raspberry


Alunga Milk Chocolate, Sea Salt Caramel, Lavender, Apricot


Red Currant, Pumpkin Seed Gianduja, Thyme