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We joined our forces with fine art photography gallery LUMAS Budapest, and designed a special art program to revive the artistic spirit of the Gresham Circle. Nearly 100 years ago the hotel’s current location, previously well known as the Gresham Palace, hosted the legendary Gresham Circle’s meetings, where key figures of the Hungarian art scene gathered frequently; the lively café environment, pleasant drinks and excellent food inspired the creative atmosphere as well as the actual creation of several artworks.

Temporary exhibitions showcase site-specific collections of artworks with new selections every season. KOLLÁZS aims to bring back the creative and lively atmosphere of the Gresham days, and combines it with the excitement of art that is truly contemporary.

About Lumas

LUMAS Gallery is dedicated to limited edition, serially numbered, hand-signed works of art. A selection based on the work of international photographers is brought to Hungary. The gallery's curators visit the world's largest contemporary art fairs, representing both world-renowned and early-career artists.

"Our artworks, outside of the gallery exhibition space - which feels more like a station on the journey of the artworks - are interestingly even more impressive in a space that has a function other than displaying art. KOLLÁZS Brasserie & Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace is a different place, where people come for a different purpose, but where you often feel that a picture has been put in the right place." - says Éva Wikonkál, the owner of LUMAS Gallery